Seda's Miracle

Beautiful handmade home specials, world baskets, kitchen stuff and nice things from Africa with a Moroccan touch!


Nature produces beautiful products that unfortunately we don’t use often anymore. With the products of Seda’s Miracle we hope that you will discover the beauty and purity of these products from nature.

Most of Seda’s Miracle products are handcrafted by local artisans, uniting ancient craft with modern times. We believe it is important that the craftsmen are fairly rewarded for their craftsmanship, which is why many of our products are Fair Trade.

Seda’s Miracle hopes you are as excited about these beautiful natural products as we and many others who believe in us.

Be aware of what you buy!
A small entrepreneur and the environment are really affected by the return of items!

Pamper yourself and someone else with Seda’s Miracle!


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