Bakhoor, bukhoor or frankincense is a kind of perfume with scented oil that is popular in the Arab countries.
It contains a type of incense, which consists of wood chips infused with scented oil. The bakhoor is burned in a bakhoor burner where the fragrance is released.

Bakhoor, bukhoor, incense roses and all khanger

Seda’s Miracle has special bakhoor burners (incense burners) where you can burn the bakhoor so that a wonderful scent is released.

In the Arab countries, the bakhoor burner (incense burner) is used to spread a wonderful scent in the house, the car or to refresh yourself.

Seda’s Miracle has various bakhoor scents and burners in its range .

In addition to the bakhoor and bakhoor burners, Seda’s Miracle also has various room sprays and Moroccan scented cubes in its range.

The other names often given to bakhoor are bukhoor, bukhour or frankincense.



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