Moroccan sheep’s wool bags and wallets

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Handmade Moroccan Beni bag and Foua sheep wool wallet

The cute sheep’s wool bags and purses are handmade in Morocco from carpets made from sheep’s wool. A different piece of carpet is used for each bag and wallet, making each bag and wallet unique.

The bag has a zipper at the top and a kind of link on both sides with which you can adjust the handle of the bag in length, so that you can wear it by hand, over your shoulder or crosswise. The handle has a 3 piece chain at the top, which come together in a ring at the front and back. The bag has a black lining on the inside and a small zipper on one side.

Handmade Moroccan Aysa bag

The wallet has a zipper at the top and a black lining on the inside.

Handmade Moroccan Gula Wallet

The bags are made of 100% sheep’s wool, which can cause fluff. It’s best to cut it away and don’t pull it, because it will fluff even more.

If the bag or wallet has become a bit dirty, you can use a bowl with soap and water and a soft brush. You can rub the stain with the brush until the stain is gone.

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