Bakhoor / incense black oudh

Bakhoor scent black Oudh


Bakhoor, bukhoor or frankincense is a kind of perfume with scented oil that is popular in the Arab countries.
It contains a type of incense, which consists of wood chips infused with scented oil. The bakhoor / bukhoor / incense is burned in a burner where the fragrance is released.

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This wonderfully smelling bakhoor (incense) can be used to spread a pleasant scent in your living room, bedroom or workspace.
Bakhoor black oud has a wonderful agarwood scent.

A small amount of bakhoor / bukhoor lasts a long time and has a wonderful scent.

In addition to the bakhoor black oud, Seda’s Miracle also has other bakhoor fragrances and bakhoor burners in its range.

Bakhoor black oud, approx. 50 grams.

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