Handmade Moroccan Alaysa cupboard

Handmade in Morocco


This beautiful Moroccan Alaysa cupboard is handmade and decorated. A beautiful showpiece in your home and an ideal cupboard for your belongings.

This cabinet is made to our own design by the local artisans in Marrakech, Morocco. The cabinet is completely handmade and processed from cedar wood with a beautiful pattern. Each cabinet has its own beautiful pattern that may differ from the photo. Because this cabinet is made to our own design, it is truly a unique item!

The Moroccan Alaysa cabinet has a height of approx. 83 cm, approx. 62 cm wide and approx. 32 cm deep. The cupboard has a few shelves on the inside where things can be placed.

This cabinet is made of cedar wood and should not get wet. This is to prevent the effect and pattern from disappearing.

In addition to this beautiful Alaysa cabinet, Seda’s Miracle also has various other home specials in its range!


The delivery time of this beautiful cabinet is approximately 3 months.
As soon as the cabinet is transported from Morocco, we will contact you about the expected delivery date in the Netherlands.

De cabinet is excluding shipping costs.

The cabinet can also be paid in 2 terms.
The first term is immediately with the order and is at least 50% of the total amount.

For payment in terms and how much the shipping costs are you can contact [email protected] .

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