Handmade Moroccan Sayza bag, leather

Handmade in Morocco from leather


Beautiful handmade bag from Morocco made from leather for your keys, money and cards. A super nice bag for everyday use.

The bag has 2 compartments on the inside that can be closed with a zipper and at the front another compartment that closes with a push button. At the back of the bag is also a zipper with a small space. The bag can be carried by hand with the small handle, but also crosswise or over the shoulder with the long handle. The long handle can also be removed.

The Moroccan bag is handmade from leather. Due to the handwork, there may be small irregularities on the bag.

The width of the bag is approx. 30 cm and the height is approx. 20 cm.

In addition to this nice Moroccan leather bag, Seda’s Miracle also has other nice handmade bags and wallets in its range!


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