Moroccan Modern Tamegroute bakhoor burner (incense burner), white

Handmade in Morocco


Bakhoor burner (incense burner) for burning a bakhoor or incense. Bakhoor, bukhoor or frankincense is a kind of perfume that is popular in the Arab countries.
It contains a type of incense, which consists of wood chips infused with scented oil. The bakhoor / bukhoor / incense is burned in a burner where the fragrance is released.

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This Tamegroute bakhoor burner (incense burner) is ideal for burning your bakhoor (incense).

The bakhoor burner is handmade in Tamegroute (Morocco) from pottery by the local artisans. Each burner is unique and may differ from the photo in shape and details.
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Seda’s Miracle has various bakhoor scents in its range that can be used in the bakhoor burner.

In addition to this bakhoor burner (incense burner), Seda’s Miracle also has other bakhoor burners in its range.

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