Moroccan Riad door

Handcrafted in Morocco from wood


This beautiful wooden Moroccan Riad door is completely handmade and crafted. Beautiful as a door, but also wonderful for decoration against the wall in the living room or bedroom!

The door is handmade and crafted with a beautiful pattern. This beautiful door has always been used in a Moroccan Riad. Because of this, the door has signs of use in a few places.
It also has a beautiful Moroccan door knocker on the door!

The doorframe of the Moroccan Riad door is about 211.5 cm high and about 88.5 cm wide. The door is about 190 cm high and about 74.5 cm wide. The doorframe is slightly higher, so something can be taken off at the bottom if necessary.

In addition to this handmade Moroccan Riad, Seda’s Miracle also has various other home specials in its range!

The door can be picked up in Amsterdam or we can send it to you!
De door is excluding shipping costs.
Please contact [email protected] for the 
height of the shipping costs.

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