Natural Loofah scrub sponge

100% natural and vegan


Natural Loofah sponge is a natural scrub sponge to massage and clean your body and face for a beautiful soft, radiant skin. You can also use the dried Loofah scrub to exfoliate your body. You remove dead skin cells and stimulate good blood circulation with the Loofah sponge.

The Loofah scrub sponge is a cucumber-like zucchini plant that produces spongy fruits. After drying, they can be used as a washing sponge.

The Loofah scrub sponge becomes soft as soon as it gets wet and in combination with soap it can be used for several months.
Make circular massage movements over the damp skin with the Loofah sponge. After use, rinse your body and face well and clean the Loofah sponge well with hot and clean water.
You can also use the Loofah scrub sponge dry to exfoliate your body (prefer not to use dry for your face).

The Loofah sponge is approx. 13 cm long and may differ from the photo in shape and details.

In addition to this Loofah scrub sponge, Seda’s Miracle also has various kessa gloves (hammam gloves) in various colours, handmade Moroccan callus stone , and a handmade Moroccan scrub stone in its range.


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