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Handmade Moroccan Tamegroute candlesticks

Tamegroute pottery is made in the village of Tamegroute in Morocco. The name of the village comes from the location of the village. The literal translation of Tamegroute in Berber is ‘the last place before the desert’. Tamegroute is located just before the Sahara desert in the south of Morocco.

In the village of Tamegroute there are only a few families who know the real Tamegroute craft. The process to create Tamegroute consists of several steps. First, the clay is taken from the adjacent Draa River, which is then mixed with water and spread on the ground until the clay is ready for processing and various beautiful pottery products can be made from it. The pottery is then displayed for an entire day to dry, after which the glaze is applied. By adding a number of ingredients, the traditional Tamegroute gets the beautiful characteristic green color or the beautiful yellow Tamegroute color.

Nowadays, more modern versions of the Tamegroute are also made, which have the same beautiful characteristic look, but often a solid modern color.

Handmade Moroccan Tamegroute bowls

Seda’s Miracle has various beautiful Tamegroute candle holders, bowls, vases and bakhoor burners (incense burners) in its range.

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