Verbena or lemon verbena

Verbena is also known by the names lemon verbena, verbena and vervain. The name verbena actually means “Venus’s herb.” The plant was already a sacred plant with the Egyptians centuries ago because of its special properties.

The entire above-ground portion of the verbena plant is used as an herb. It is an herb that has many beneficial effects.

Verbena is 100% natural, promotes drafts and is ideal after a heavy meal.
The tea is very good for the internal body, has a relaxing effect and contributes to a good night’s sleep.
A cup of verbena, lemon verbena, verbena or vervain tea is invigorating and has a delicious fresh taste.

verbena tea

In addition, verbena can also be used in care products because of its good properties.

In addition to the verbena tea , Seda’s Miracle also has a nice gift package with verbena tea and Moroccan beldi tea glasses .

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