What are clay masks?

and what advantages do they have and what types are there?

Clay masks certainly go back to the ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. Over the centuries, mud baths, face masks, and other related methods have been successfully used to reduce skin ailments, heal wounds, and kill bacteria and fungi. The use of natural ingredients is also very modern these days. Improving impurities in the skin and acne problems is also on the list of pluses of a clay mask. There are also masks that are very suitable for various hair types. They nourish your hair, making it look healthy and shiny again.

Some masks are powder masks and you have to mix these yourself with water or rose water . Rose water is 100% natural and softens the skin and hair.

Seda’s Miracle also has various masks that you can use immediately, these are already mixed with the right ingredients for your skin and/or hair.

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Natural clay masks for the skin and hair

What kind of clay mask should you use?

Ghassoul/Rhassoul/Rassoul clay masks

Clay mask from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and is made with, among other things, volcanic ash. They have a good absorption capacity, which means they can rid the skin of impurities well. This clay is brown in color. Ghassoul clay mask is also an ideal mask for your hair. It nourishes your hair, giving your hair shine and volume again. Very suitable for dry and frizzy hair.
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Ghassoul or rhassoul, volcanic clay powder, clay mask for face, body and hair

Kaolin or white clay masks

This clay is also called Chinese clay and is also available in other colors. White clay is very finely ground and does not dry out the skin. This one is more suitable for sensitive and dry skin because it is less absorbent.
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green clay masks

This clay is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and high adsorption. This makes it perfect for oily skin. The color is mainly due to the fact that it contains vegetable material.
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Pink clay mask

The pink clay face masks are great for cleansing the skin. It degreases the skin and reduces pimples and acne.
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Roses (pink clay) mask

Yellow clay mask (curcuma/turmeric)

A yellow clay mask is also softer than the green clay mask and has a purifying effect on the skin. Impurities are reduced, the skin is purified, detoxified and cared for.
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In addition to face and hair masks, Seda’s Miracle also has various herbal masks and body masks in its range.
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