Moroccan scent cubes

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Moroccan scented cubes and bowls

The Moroccan scent cubes are available in different musk scents. The scent cubes are used to make yourself, your house and your clothes smell nice. Due to the good quality of the fragrance blocks, the fragrance has a long shelf life.

The musk fragrance blocks can be used as a body perfume, clothing freshener and air freshener.

If you want to use the fragrance block as a body perfume, you can rub the fragrance block over the skin.

For use as clothing/air freshener, place 1 or more scent cubes (depending on the size of the room) or hang them in a bag between the clothing.

You can place 1 or more musk scent cubes in a bowl on the heating.

You can also place a scent cube on a scent burner. The scent block will then melt and spread a wonderful scent.

The musk scent cubes are also a wonderful scent for the car.

As soon as the smell of the fragrance cubes diminishes, you can scrape a little of the fragrance cube and the scent comes back to life. The shavings from the fragrance block can be reused by sucking it up with the vacuum cleaner so that it spreads a wonderful scent while vacuuming!

Some of the scents of the fragrance cubes are made in Pakistan, because of the labor costs. The traders of these delicious scented cubes are located in Morocco and Dubai.

The Moroccan scent cubes are also called amber cubes.

Seda’s Miracle has various Moroccan scented cubes and nice bowls for the scented cubes in its range.

Moroccan scented cubes on handmade Moroccan dishes

Faiza gift package with handmade Moroccan Fatima hand and Moroccan scent block amber musk jamid

In addition to these wonderfully scented Moroccan scented cubes, Seda’s Miracle also has wonderful bakhoor (incense) and room sprays in its range.


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