Dried Moroccan rosebuds

Delicious in a fragrance sachet, dish or to cook with


You can use these dried Moroccan rosebuds in scented sachets or you can place them on a dish for a lovely rose scent in your wardrobe or in your room. You can also put the dried rosebuds in warm bath water to release the aroma for even more fragrance. The rosebuds are also widely used in desserts and as a seasoning in North African dishes and you can also use them to drink a delicious cup of rose tea. Rose tea is effective for intestinal complaints and has an anti-inflammatory effect.




Dried Moroccan rosebuds, approx. 50 grams.


The Moroccan rosebuds are also available in a gift package with a handmade Moroccan Jewellery basket and a Sanae bowl.

Seda’s Miracle has next to these rosebuds more fragrances in its range!


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