Moroccan Berber Sisa table

Handmade in Morocco from wood


This beautiful Moroccan Berber Sisa table is handmade and crafted. A beautiful showpiece in your home!

This table was made to our own design by local artisans in Marrakech, Morocco. The table is completely handmade and crafted of wood with a beautiful pattern. Because this table is made to our own design, it is truly a unique item!

The Moroccan Berber Sisa table has a height of about 43 cm, about 140 cm long and about 70 cm wide.

This table is made of cedar wood and should not get wet. This is to prevent the effect and pattern from disappearing.

The table is available from stock.

If the table has to be delivered outside the Netherlands and Belgium, please contact us about the possible additional shipping costs!

In addition to this beautiful Sisa table, Seda’s Miracle also has various other home specials in its range!

In stock


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