Moroccan scrub stone

Handmade Moroccan scrub stone with special fabric


Handmade Moroccan scrub stone with a special fabric to remove dead skin flakes. The fabric has a special structure to exfoliate the skin well, so that your skin feels smooth again. It stimulates blood circulation and provides a silky soft skin and an invigorating massage. Your skin looks healthier after regular use.

The Moroccan scrub stone has a special fabric that purifies the skin of aged skin cells, impurities and excess oil.


How to use:


Dip the Moroccan scrub stone under water and then you can exfoliate the moist skin of your body in the shower. Rinse your body well after use.

The scrub stone is available in different colors.


In addition to this handmade Moroccan scrub stone, Seda’s Miracle also has a handmade Moroccan callus stone, natural Loofah sponge and special hammam gloves, also called kessa gloves in different colors , in its range.


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