African baskets

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Handmade Moroccan and African Baskets

The handmade African baskets are nice traditional baskets to use as a laundry basket, to store stuff or as a wastebasket or a plant pot.

The traditional African baskets are Fair Trade, handmade from seagrass and recycled plastic and come from Africa. The baskets are made by local residents, mainly by rural women. The baskets create work for young people and teach them various techniques and social skills, so that they have better opportunities in the future.

Seagrass is a natural material and can sometimes be a bit greenish when purchased. Over time, this green color will change to a beautiful yellow-brown color.

The baskets are all handmade, which is why they are all unique products that differ from each other in shape and details. If you want to slightly form a basket, you can wet it in the shower. Seagrass is easier to knead into the right shape when it is wet.

The same applies to lids that are a bit stiffer on the basket. If you place it on the basket and wet it all and let it stand for 1 day, you will see that the lid has taken on the shape of the basket, making it easier to put on the basket.

The beautiful African baskets are available in laundry baskets in different sizes and colours, beautiful tagine baskets, storage baskets, but also nice small bijoux baskets for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, toilet or living room.

Handmade Moroccan and African Baskets

In addition to its range of handmade African baskets, Seda’s Miracle also has various beautiful Moroccan baskets. The difference with the African baskets is that they are made with wool instead of recycled plastic. Take a quick look at Seda’s range of world baskets at sedasmiracle.com.

African laundry baskets, small, medium and large, Fair Trade


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