Handmade Essaouira goat

Handmade in Morocco from seagrass


Beautiful handmade Moroccan Essaouira goat for a natural atmosphere in your room. Each goat is unique and is an absolute eyecatcher of the room!

The Essaouira goat is handmade from sea grass and comes from the area of the fishing town of Essaouira in Morocco. The goat may still be slightly greenish at the time of purchase, but this will fade over time to a beautiful warm yellow/light brown color. The Essaouira goat is handmade and may differ from the photo in shape and details.

The height of the beautiful Essaouira goat is approx. 45 cm (including horns).

In addition to this Essaouira goat made of seagrass, Seda’s Miracle also has other animal heads from seagrass and various other home lifestyle specials in its range!



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