Handmade Moroccan Tamegroute Ibni candle holder, green

Handmade in Tamegroute, Morocco from pottery


This beautiful Tamegroute Ibni candle holder is handmade in Morocco and a very nice showpiece in every interior.

The modern Tamegroute candle holder is handmade in Tamegroute (Morocco) from earthenware by the local artisans. Each candlestick is unique and may differ from the photo in shape and details. Do you want to know more about Tamegroute pottery? Then click here .

The Tamegroute Ibni candle holder has a height of approx. 28 cm and a diameter of approx. 20 cm.

Seda’s Miracle also has a white version of this beautiful handmade Tamegroute Ibni candlestick and more beautiful pottery and Tamegroute as well as various other home lifestyle specials in its range!


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