Handmade Moroccan Tamegroute Zazu vase/jug

Handmade in Tamegroute, Morocco from pottery


Beautiful Moroccan Tamegroute Zazu pottery vase/jug. You can use the vase/jug with branches or dried flowers or simply as a vase/jug for decoration in your home. It will be a real eyecatcher!

The heavy Zazu vase/jug is handmade in Tamegroute (Morocco) from earthenware by the local artisans. Each vase/jug is unique and may differ from the photo in shape and details. Do you want to know more about Tamegroute pottery? Then click here .
The vase/jug is made of raw coarse material, which means that there are small cracks, irregularities, etc., which makes each vase/jug unique. Each vase/jug may differ from the photo in shape and details.

The Tamegroute vase/jug has a height of approx. 36 cm.

In addition to this beautiful heavy Moroccan Tamegroute Zazu vase/jug, Seda’s Miracle has more beautiful pottery and Tamegroute as well as various other home specials in its range!


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